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Pro Chef Microfiber Cloth Towel Cleaning Car Windows Bathroom Mirror Shower Glasses Auto 16×16 6pk

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Make cleaning a snap. An essential tool for any kitchen, car or business, Pro Chef towels utilize microfiber’s polishing abilities to provide a fast and easy approach to cleanliness. An old towel may scratch or create a swirled appearance, but these lint-free towels take the worry out of cleaning stainless steel surfaces, glass, screens and lens. Protect the case of your laptop, cell phone and valuable electronics from cleaning damage. From refrigerators to toasters, countertops to faucets, windows to mirrors, Pro Chef will create a shiny finish and upgrade the atmosphere of a room to one of professional cleanliness. Works like a magic eraser on the outdoor patio furniture or bbq grill. Pack one for the lake or cottage. Keep one in your glove box for a handy car care solution. The gentle cleaning action of these towels will keep your chrome shiny, mirror spotless and your dashboard dust-free. No need to worry about harming the finish of your important investment. Your car will shine in no time and the safety edging makes these towels scratch-free. Are your car glass windows smudged by pets or baby back seat passenger fingerprints? Pro Chef makes it easy for a mom or dad-on-the-go to tidy up a car’s appearance with little effort. As a windshield cleaner it works wonders as an invisible anti-fog treatment without using products like Rainx or Windex. Here’s a warning: Stock is limited! Act now to take advantage of the introductory discount price while it lasts. All you need to do is click the button at the top of this page to have your order rushed straight to your door. A final bonus: There is absolutely no risk involved with our 100% money back guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied, you will receive a full refund. Period. We want our customers to be happy and satisfied. Quality is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty against any defects.

Equipex (GES80) – 110 Waffle/Hr Single Silo Waffle Baker

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You can get waffles just about anywhere that serves breakfast, but waffles on a stick are much more rare a find and they add a splash of fun to this traditional breakfast item. If you’d like to offer your customers waffles on a stick, Equipex’s 110 Waffle/Hr Single Silo Waffle Baker (GES80) is your go-to machine! This waffle baker features four cast iron molds for making waffle sticks. The cast iron cooking plates provide excellent thorough baking so each stick will have the perfect golden-brown finish. The waffle baker’s stainless steel base and wrap-around drip tray add to the durability of this equipment, as well as make it so easy to clean.
Dimensions (H x W x D) 11″ x 12″ x 20.5″

Hanchen Instrument® 10pcs Commercial Waffle Maker Electric Waffle Machine No-stick Belgian Waffle Baker 110V/220V (Rectangle)

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After your order is confirmed, the product will reach you within 7–13 business days.


The Commercial Waffle Machine is designed for baking waffle with independent heat control and aluminum molds.

The baking molds are made of aluminum with high thermal conductivity.


1.Never clean waffle maker while it’s still hot.Let it cool completely.

2.Never dunk your entire waffer maker in water.

3.Never use steel wool or abrasive cleaners.

Technical Datas 

Voltage: 110V/220V 

Power: 1.5KW 

Dimension: 440*410*330mm 


Material: stainless steel(201) 


we have two model 110v or 220v (optional), by default, we will ship according to the voltage of your Country.If you need different, please send us a message.   

Stainless Steel Colander for Kitchen Food Washing Self-Draining Pasta Bowl Wide Grip Handles

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Pro Chef Tools bring restaurant-quality kitchenware right into your home, and for a lower cost than you probably imagined. These professional chefs create kitchen appliances for the home chef, incorporating features and design elements which make this perforated bowl exactly what you need in your home kitchen.

When you buy from Pro Chef Kitchen Tools, you’re buying the best. Not all colanders are the same. You want to avoid plastic and silicon since they can melt, warp and interfere with the taste of your food. Stainless steel is easy to clean, safe to handle and practically impervious to harm.

The stable base allows you to safely strain hot liquids even in busy and wet kitchen environments. Micro-perforations let the liquid quickly drain away while keeping the food safe in the bowl. The entire colander is easy to carry. Aside from straining, this is also a great solution for grease cooking, splatter control, frying, sautéing and other liquid-heavy cooking.

The colander easily fits into most cabinets. But you might not be in a rush to hide this beauty. The mirrored finish and classic style mean this is a strainer which will fit into any kitchen style from modern to rustic. The non-stick stainless steel material is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Anyone who loves to cook knows the importance of a high quality colander. The Pro Chef Kitchen Tools round colander is strong, stylish and efficient. Buy one today for the chef (or aspiring chef) in your life.

Splatter Screen Guard Stainless Steel Perfect Cooking Grease Mess Eliminator for Frying Crisp Bacon

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Pro Chef Tools were designed with home chefs in mind. They are created by professional chefs who know cooking inside and out and understand exactly what you need while you’re in the kitchen. All the products are made of high-quality material and are built to last.

They’re also made to make sure your food stays safe. This item is made of food grade materials that won’t ruin the taste, texture, or safety of your meal.

This splatter screen has a total diameter of 11 3/4″ to fit most 12″ pans and the handle can fold in for storage and expand out to 6″. The mesh is double-fine and features a polished handle that will keep your hands at a safe distance and look professional. It can fit on pretty much every type of pot or pan and will even fit over a wok. Its see-through design will also allow you to carefully monitor your cooking so you know when everything is ready to serve.

It’s very easy to clean as the surface is smoother than nonstick nylon Teflon plastic or silicone gadgets and can be wiped clean with a damp towel and polished with the included stainless steel microfiber polishing cloth. The whole thing can easily be washed under running water and won’t rust or corrode and the best feature is that it will never compromise the food you make. Your stove will also stay mess free, so you don’t have to stress about stains or other grime creating more work for you. You can actually enjoy the meal you just made for your family!

This is the perfect gift for the chef in your life because it is guaranteed to make cooking safe and completely delicious every time that it is used!

Big Stainless Steel Bag Clips for Air Tight Seal Grip on Coffee Bags, Kitchen Food Storage 6 Pack

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This kitchen organization clamp design provides a simple, convenient, and easy way to close and reseal opened bags. Your food stays fresh for weeks, even months. The ergonomic shape provides a comfortable gripping surface. Use it for your potato chips, cereal, cookies, flour, sugar, frozen food, coffee, trail mix, or anything else you need to keep fresh.

This 6 piece clip set provides heavy duty holding power while eliminating the need for troublesome twist-ties, bread tags or weak plastic clips. An excellent way to remain organized in the kitchen, office, garage, shop, yard, camping, events, parties, boats, cars and more!

For any bag without its own re-sealable ziplock! Have you ever opened a bag of food or snack and didn’t finish its contents, and wondered how you’ll store it without spilling it everywhere? These spring clips are one of the most useful kitchen gadgets ever created. Large size fits nearly every large bag in your pantry or backpack and extra wide, non-slip openings grip items securely for sealing large-size or bulk-size bags. Designed to re-seal virtually any poly plastic bag or paper pouch.

Bag clip is perfect to close and secure coffee bags. Your coffee will stay fresh longer. This heavy duty steel clip can also be used for clipping books or magazines open for hands-free reading.

Modern design of a quality stainless steel kitchen utensil they are nearly unbreakable and your satisfaction is guaranteed. They are the last clip you will ever buy. Purchase one for yourself and one for a companion or relative! These make interesting gifts for any birthday, wedding, Mothers Day or for your organizations special events.

Stainless Steel Wire Clothespin Clamps with Hanger Hooks for Multipurpose Clothes Line Set 20 with Bonus of 4 Clips

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Right this minute, your home or office is probably filled with clips. You have clips for paper, pins for clothing, clips to hold bags closed and clamps for holding your mail and messages, but just how well do all of those clippy things work?

Plastic, wood and flimsy wire clips just don’t last. They can get bent. They can snap, and forget trying to hold onto heavy items like wet clothing; they just don’t clamp tightly enough for that!

Fortunately, there is a simple way that you can upgrade any clip in the house! The Stainless Steel Wire Clamps are the answer!

The Stainless Steel Wire Clamps are constructed out of ultra strong, rust proof stainless steel. Their thick coil springs keep them tightly closed but allow you to open them with just a squeeze. At the top of the clamp is a round ring that can be hung from a hook, and above that, you’ll find a clip for attaching the clamps to all kinds of things!

This money-saving package gives you 20 clamps and 4 free bonus clamps for a total of 24 clamps, which can be used for an endless number of tasks, including:

- Hanging laundry up to dry in place of clothespins

- Storing messages and mail at home or work

- Marking your pages in a book or important spots on a document

- Sealing bags to keep them fresh instead of chip clips

- Clipping papers together in place of binder clips and paperclips

- Displaying photographs in your home or office

- Organizing winter accessories in the hallway

- Storing scarves, belts and other accessories in your closet

Clip, clamp or hang whatever you please with ease! Swap your flimsy, weak plastic and wood clips with the best stainless steel clamps on Amazon! Order the Stainless Steel Wire Clamps now!

Equipex (GED20-KIT) – 40 Waffle/Hr Liege Waffle Baker w/ Mix

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Waffles have a high profit margin, and with this waffle maker, you can expect a lighting fast return on your money. Beyond breakfast, waffles make delicious dessert items, on-the-go snacks on a stick, savory sandwiches and even entrées. Expand your mind and menu selection, all while making lots of dough. Equipex has now created handy kits to demonstrate just how quickly you can pay off their waffle and crepe makers. This particular kit consists of a waffle maker and two cases of mix. By the time you’ve gone through your supply of waffle batter, your profits should exceed the cost of the kit.* Voila! The key to quickly making golden, soft and delicious waffles is having a top-quality waffle maker like the 40 Waffle/Hr Liege Waffle Baker with Mix (GED20-KIT) from Equipex. The waffle maker is constructed with thick, fine-grain cast iron plates that retain heat exceptionally well for remarkable efficiency and, most importantly of all, bake waffles to perfection. The heavy-duty top plates even assure proper rising without the use of pesky clips. The waffle maker also features a stainless steel base and powerful, thermostatically-controlled heating elements for lightning fast preheating and recovery times.
Dimensions (H x W x D) 21″ x 23″ x 20.5″