Child Safety Locks for Cabinets Refrigerators Drawers Earthquake with Quality Adjustable Strap Won’t Break – Squeeze Release Baby Safety Locks Made of Non-toxic Plastic, 4-pack

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Lil Raskalz Squeeze Release Child Safety Locks

Do you still want to allow your baby some freedom to explore while greatly minimizing the risk of injury?

Bid your worries goodbye and say hello to the easy to install child safety locks.

With the child safety locks, you can have peace of mind by keeping dangerous stuff locked up out of baby’s way. The multipurpose child safety locks cabinets, drawers, refrigerators and cupboards etc while providing the following unique benefits;

– Super strong and flexible strap (can go round corners like in a refrigerator) that allows you to adjust it to a desirable length while lasting you a lifetime without breaking under heavy daily use

– Very easy to install by peeling off the adhesive from pads on both ends and sticking it to a clean surface

– Has two motions Squeeze Release unlocking feature – which is much difficult for your child to figure out hence making it more secure

– Made with a slim design that does not compromise the look of your cabinet and actually adds to its aesthetics

– Made from non-toxic plastic and thus do not pose any poisoning risks to your child

– Can be easily removed by heating the adhesive with a hair dryer and does not leave any dirty spots on your cabinets

– Allows you to work or attend to other issues in the house without the stress of your child’s safety

Lil Raskalz Squeeze Release Child Safety Locks come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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