Thermal Dextrus Silicone Grill Gloves – BBQ & Kitchen Friendly – Designed to Protect Hands from Hot Food and Hot Cooking Items – Can Be Used As Potholders; Oven; Baking; Grilling; & General Multi-Purpose Uses – Five Fingered Design Adds Greater Dexterity Over Conventional Oven Mitts!

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Thermal Dextrus Silicone Grill Gloves

Cook With Authority & Added Dexterity

- Looking for a way to protect your hands while handling and cooking hot food?
- Are you looking for a glove that can help you stay in control of that back yard BBQ?
- Or are you looking for a little extra handling and dexterity for your indoor cooking?

Why our gloves?

Our Thermal Dextrus Gloves have are made from FDA approved food grade material. With heat protection provided by our silicone insulated layers and our five fingered dexterous design, you can enjoy the feel of handling hot food with the peace of mind that your hands will be well protected. Thermal Dextrus Gloves are made from 100% recyclable material, and are easy to clean and maintain due to the non-stick glove surface. Your gloves will also allow you to apply marinades and prepare your meats or vegetables for grilling, smoking, oven cooking, or boiling, as the micro porous silicone layers will keep out liquids to protect your hands further.


- Thermal resistant from -40°F/-40°C to 425°F/230°C.
- Made from FDA approved food grade material.
- Glove dimension are: Length(27cm), Palm Width(12cm).
- Five fingered design for better flexibility and dexterity.
- Easy to clean with normal washing up liquid and water. This product is also dishwasher safe.
- Your purchase contains 1 pair of Thermal Dextrus Gloves, plus a bonus ebook.

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