LG Electronics 3B73362F Microwave Oven Micro Switc

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LG 3B73362F Microwave Oven Micro Switch. For use with the following LG Electronics models: LMVM2277ST, LMVH1750ST, MV1642AY, LMV1314W, MV1401W, MV1501W, MV2045BQS, CPLMB186CC, LMV2061SB, LMV1976ST, MC1043ACSL, MV2048BSP, MV197SJ, LMV2073BB, MV1942BQSV, MV1310B, MV2047AQ, MV174DC, MV1360M, MV1560M, MV1310W, MV1560T, LMV1625B, LMA2112WT, MS1443ASV, LMH1017CVST, MV2045BQSL, LMV1625W, MV1515B, MQ1745ATL, MV1843BSY, MS184SJ, LMVM1935SBQ, MV1515W, MV1615W, MV133TR, MV1943BS, LMVM1945SBQ, MV2267BMSL, MV153XD, SCA1001KSS, LMVM1955SBQ, LMV1314SV, MS144YE, LMVM1935SB, LMVM1945SB, LMV1825SBQ, LMV2053SB, LMVM1935SW, LMVM1945SW. Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part.

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