Grill Brush Set by zbi Products – 2 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty BBQ Brushes 12″ and 18″ – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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$17.97 or with discount !


Two Great Grill Brushes for the Price of One

Get these 2 stainless steel grill brushes for one low price, covered by our 1 year money back guarantee. If you do not love your brushes, send them back for a full refund!

This high quality set of brushes is made for the serious griller who knows the importance of a clean grill:

· Clean grills are safer: less of a fire hazard; keep food safe from contamination.

· Clean grills are more efficient: cook at a more even temperature.

· Clean grills make food taste better: no old grease and charcoal on your burgers and steaks!

· Clean grills cost les to heat. Clean surfaces conduct heat faster and use less fuel.

Other Benefits:

· Perfect for porcelain and any other kind of grill! They are tough on grime but gentle on your finish. They will not scratch or destroy your grill.

· Their rugged rawhide straps add to their high durability: these brushes keep on cleaning your grill season after season.

· Unlike other grill brushes, these make cleaning easy! The handles are designed to be strong and comfortable to grip and use. These brushes are strong but you do not have to press hard for great results. The twisted metal heads let the brushes clean easily and reach hard-to-clean gaps and corners that other brushes miss.

· Long lasting so bristles don’t fall out during normal product life.

· The different sized brushes let you pick the right brush for the job…keep one at home and throw one in the car!

Order your set now while this low price and One Year Guarantee are still around.

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