Idson Silicone Oven Mitts for Barbecue & Kitchen-heat Resistant Grilling Cooking Gloves with BBQ Grill Brush Set,double Non-slip Professional 5 Fingers Glove for Baking,washing,cleaning-orange

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$14.95 or with discount !


Ordinary disposable gloves might suffice for some light cleaning, but they are no match when you need to do some sophisticated grilling or barbequing as they are ill-equipped for heat resistance,melt if exposed to high temperatures, and also tend to absorb

and subsequently emit unpleasant odors!

These premium quality gloves provide proper protection to your hands especially when you use chemicals for cleaning purposes, and help to keep them dry too. With a diverse range of functions, these gloves are a necessity in all households – please place

your order right away!

Throw away those dime-a-dozen gloves – these commercial grade silicone cooking gloves are just what you are looking for in your household.

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