[10 Pack] Premium Marshmallow Roasting Fork Set, Chrome Plated Skewers with Multi Colored Handles, For Campfires, Smores & Hot Dogs ● By California Home Goods

Buy Now at Sale price !!!

$29.99 or with discount !


Nothing brings family and friends closer together than a campfire with plenty of delicious food. Now with our certified heat-proof roasting fork set, you can always make cooking at the bonfire a pleasant experience.

Each 22″ long roasting fork is chrome plated to ensure that food comes on and off cleanly. Attached to each fork is a beautiful ergonomically designed colored handle to insulate your hands from the heat, ensuring that you’ll never suffer a smore induced burn again.

With the California Home Goods pack of 10 roasting forks, equipped with a lifetime guarantee, you’ll have enough for you and the entire family to stick around.

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