KitchenAid Gourmet 4-Piece Ceramic Chef Knife Set with Sheathes (Black)

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$23.50 or with discount !


Experience the leading edge of cutlery technology. Forged from zirconia, second only to diamonds in hardness, these blades are extremely durable and unbelievably sharp. Ceramic blades retain their cutting edge 10 times longer than steel blades, and will not rust, stain, or oxidize. Set includes 6-inch chef knife, 5-inch Santoku knife, 4-inch paring knife, and 3-inch paring knife, all with blade cover sheaths. The ergonomically-designed soft grip handle provides exceptional comfort and feel and is made of nonslip silicone for a surer grip and safer cutting. Each knife is perfectly balanced and weighted for the ultimate control. Because they don’t rust, ceramic knives are dishwasher-safe (top rack only).

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