REFRIGERATED SLOW COOKER NASA engineer designed MULTI FUNCTION WITH TEMPERATURE CONTROL Food goes in the night before, it refrigerates, keeping the food safe Turns itself on and you come home to a perfectly cooked slow cooked meal every time. Make yogurt for example with temp control COOLCOOKERTM

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The COOLCOOKERTM For the first time in a long time, a really new, revolutionary, high value, multi-function, kitchen appliance, invented by a NASA engineer. It is a refrigerating slow cooker with temperature control. No OTHER slow cooker, programmable or not can do this. It solves a major complaint about slow cookers of not having someone home to turn it on at the right time. If it works for you, the refrigeration feature allows you to use it several times a week, so it can have high value. Its 3 Quart capacity easily serves four average meals. In addition to slow cooking, temperature control allows you to do things like make yogurt and pas sous vide cook meat (google sous vide for perfectly cooked, juicy meats or go to coolcooker dot com). It fits easily on the kitchen counter, it is 10 inches wide, 16 inches deep and 9 inches high. Or you can locate it elsewhere if you need the kitchen space. See more at coolcooker dot com. There are many complete, delicious, healthy recipes that can be prepared, start to finish including cleanup, in 15-20 minutes. One year warranty.

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