SKG High Performance 1000W 0.38 CU FT Mini Oven – Powerful Electric Oven Dorm Oven – Oven Broiler with 2 Quartz Heating Elements – Countertop Oven Small – Mini Oven for Baking – Broiler Oven with High Efficiency – Black Oven with Timer – Portable Mini Oven Fast Oven – Mini Smart Oven Kitchen – Compact Oven Broiler – Small Oven for Counter Top – Kitchen Countertop Oven Classic Oven Broiler – Pizza Oven Home Ovens Countertop

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Our oven is designed to take up less space on your counter, yet provides you with a larger inside cooking space. The 0.38 cu ft capacity is perfect for small kitchens everywhere. It’s an useful addition to any busy kitchen too. The small volume also adds to the big performance of the oven. The efficient size oven can be used on its own or to supplement a traditional wall oven.
Big Performance
Faster and more even baking – 1000w high power combining with 0.38 cubic-foot small volume, it has a high cooking efficiency (1000/0.38=2632, higher than almost all competitors in the market). 2 quartz heating elements cook fast – Delicious food that better retains its color, nutrient, and flavor.
Easy to use
Food-grade nonstick interior. Cool touch handle and dials. Dial 1 – Baking temperature up to 450F, Dial 2 – Timer up to 30 minutes. Cover the food with a foil sheet to prevent over baking. Easy to wipe with a pull down crumb tray. A wire rack & baking pan.
Great design accents any kitchen decor or countertop.

1. Before the first use, please set 200F and bake empty for 15 minutes to burn off the manufacturing oils. It is common that there will be some odor and smoke with the process. Deodorize the oven with activated carbon or lemon.
2. Each time before using the oven, please set 175~200F to bake empty for 5 minutes to preheat. The oven will cook better and faster if preheated. Please open the glass window a little for the first 2 minutes of preheating to let out the water vapor left from the last baking, and then close the glass window for the rest time of preheating.
3. Please don’t touch the HOT metal exterior or window when the oven is working.
4. Please use wet cleaning cloth to wipe the interior and don’t drip water into it. Quartz responds quickly to heat change, so the heating elements are dark and light alternately.

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