Midea My-ss5062 Programmable Pressure Cooker, 5l, 900w, 70kpa, Stainless Steel Cooking Pot, Black and White, 2015 New Arrival

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Multi-functional Cooker

14 menu choices are provided for you. Rice, fast cook, congee, baby food, steam, brown porridge and brown rice functions successfully make Midea MY-SS5062 used as a rice cooker as well as a steamer. Besides it also works as a stew pot and pressure cooker, which has soup, broth, fish, meat/ chicken, beans, beef/ mutton and stew functions.

Digital Convenience

There are two cooking modes you can choose using this pressure cooker: programmable and manual. For programmable mode, what you need to do is just rotate “Menu” button to choose a settled menu (e.g. congee). You can also press “Texture” button which provides light, standard and strong tastes for your own preference. In addition, hold-up pressure time can be changed by pressing “Texture”& “Pressure Adjust” buttons.

However, if you are an experienced cook, manual cooking mode of MY-SS5062 is perfectly designed for you. There’s no need to rotate “Menu” or use “Texture” or “Pressure Adjust” functions. Instead, one button is enough: first press “On Demand Pressure” then change “hold-up pressure time” by pressing “+”or “-” buttons to meet your own needs.

Humanized Design

24-hour Delay timer and automatic Warm functions allow you to start cooking automatically at any time of a day! Once the dish has finished, it will automatically switch to Keep-Warm condition. Besides, inner cooking pot and all accessories are easy to remove for cleaning up. Easy to read clock and LCD display also help you enjoy a more convenient cooking process.

Voltage: 120V

Frequency: 60Hz

Power: 900W

Capacity: 5.0 L

Package Included 1 x Inner Pot

1 x Multi-purpose Spoon

1 x Measuring Cup

1 x User Manual

1 x Recipe Booklet(Chinese version)

1 x Steamer Rack

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