Equipex (GED20-KIT) – 40 Waffle/Hr Liege Waffle Baker w/ Mix

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Waffles have a high profit margin, and with this waffle maker, you can expect a lighting fast return on your money. Beyond breakfast, waffles make delicious dessert items, on-the-go snacks on a stick, savory sandwiches and even entrĂ©es. Expand your mind and menu selection, all while making lots of dough. Equipex has now created handy kits to demonstrate just how quickly you can pay off their waffle and crepe makers. This particular kit consists of a waffle maker and two cases of mix. By the time you’ve gone through your supply of waffle batter, your profits should exceed the cost of the kit.* Voila! The key to quickly making golden, soft and delicious waffles is having a top-quality waffle maker like the 40 Waffle/Hr Liege Waffle Baker with Mix (GED20-KIT) from Equipex. The waffle maker is constructed with thick, fine-grain cast iron plates that retain heat exceptionally well for remarkable efficiency and, most importantly of all, bake waffles to perfection. The heavy-duty top plates even assure proper rising without the use of pesky clips. The waffle maker also features a stainless steel base and powerful, thermostatically-controlled heating elements for lightning fast preheating and recovery times.
Dimensions (H x W x D) 21″ x 23″ x 20.5″

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