Best Grill Mitts for the Barbecue-Extra Long Black Quilted Oven Mitt/Potholders for Kitchen and Table Gift or BBQ-High Heat Resistant Insulated Heavy Duty Oven Gloves for Cooking-Buy 2 for 20% Off

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$14.99 or with discount !


THIS COOL BARBECUE MITT IS EXTRA LONG to protect hand, wrist and forearm while removing hot pans or dishes from the oven or handling tongs, knives or spatulas over a hot outdoor grill

TOP QUALITY MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP Cotton/Poly Cooking Glove provides excellent gripping. Silver Quilted Interior provides great insulation. Good quality stitching

HANDLE HOT ITEMS WITHOUT GETTING BURNED · Heat Resistant Oven Gloves Protect your hands while flipping burgers, etc. ·Check your steaks in comfort ·Get protection from the heat while removing a hot pan or casserole from the oven ·The insulation resists flames while you turn, baste and check your food on the grill ·Opposable thumb allows for gripping a hot pan or holding a knife, fork, tongs or spatula to remove food from a hot grill

Other handy features of the Do-Be grill mitt:

Δ Covers the wrist and forearm

Δ Quilted silver interior insulation

Δ Has a loop for convenient hanging

Δ Color black, best for outdoor grilling

Δ Can be used on either hand and fits most hand sizes

Δ Best quality materials available

Δ Backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

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