Poit Digital Kitchen Timer, Cooking Food, Stainless Steel, Magnetic Back, Retractable Stand

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A Must Have for Anyone Who Loves to Cook

The Poit digital timer is a perfect tool to keep track of how long your food has been cooking. It with loud and clear but not deafening sound alarm, you will be able to hear this alarm in another room. And the stainless steel surface make this timer very easy to clean and promise its high quality.

Very Easy to Use

The Poit digital timer with just three buttons. You are able to set the minutes and seconds then hit start and you are ready to go.

3 Ways to Place This Timer

The Poit digital timer is designed with magnetic backing, foldout stand and hanging hook. You can affix it to any magnetic surface with the use of the included back magnet, placed on a table-top with the pullout stand, or hanging it on the wall.

Specifications & Features

Large Digits

Time Units: Minutes (M), Seconds (S)

Maximum Time: 99 minutes, 59 seconds

Counts Up and Down

Loud, Audible Alarm

Magnetic Backing, Retractable Stand and Hanging Hook

Attractive Design

Very Easy to Use

Single AAA Battery (Not Included)

Package Contents

1 x Poit Digital Timer

1 x User Manual

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