Digital Instant Read Thermometer, SySrion® Cooking Barbecue Meat Thermometer Electronic BBQ Thermometer with Collapsible Internal Probe – [Fast & Auto On/Off]

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1. Measuring range: -50℃ ~ 300℃ (-58℉ ~ 572℉)

2. Display resolution: ±0.1

3. Measuring accuracy: ±1 degree at temperature from 50 ~ 150 ℃ (122 ~ 302℉), 1.5 degree at temperature from -20 ~ 49 ℃ (-4℉ ~ 120 ℉)and 151 ~ 220 ℃ (304 ℉ ~ 428 ℉), and ±3 degree at other temperature range.

4. Hold button – Before withdrawing probe, push “HOLD”. It will hold the temperature reading until pressed again.

5. AUTO ON/OFF – Internal collapsible folding tapered probe with auto on and off.

6. Instant read and waterproof.


1. Turn ON: Release Probe from its secure position. A temperature reading will now display. Probe is ready to use. If no reading shows then please press the “ON/OFF” button.

Turn OFF: Press “ON/OFF” button or return Probe back to its secure position.

2. Probe is set to read temperatures in Celsius. To switch to Fahrenheit, press “℃/℉” button.

3. To test temperature, insert probe into thickest part of food.

4. Data Hold. Before withdrawing from food, press “HOLD” button. It will hold the temperature reading until pressed again.

5. Current internal temperature of food shows on LCD screen.

6. Unit will automatically turn off after 10 minutes if no other buttons are pressed.

7. To fit or replace a battery open the battery cover and insert 1 AAA battery (NOT INCLUDED).

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