FinestTM Water Bottle Fruit Infuser – Sport Water Bottle with Leak Proof Flip Top – BPA Free Great for Sports and Daily Use

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Tired of wasting your daily calories on juices and high-calorie drinks, but still want to drink something that tastes like a treat? Now you can with your very own fruit infuser water bottle. We’ve made our infusion water bottles with you in mind. Simply add segments of your favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs or combinations thereof for a unique and refreshing beverage that tastes great and is also low-calorie!

It’s simple. After adding the infuser section containing fruit to a full bottle of water, wait 6-15 minutes to allow the water to become infused with the fruit flavor and then enjoy your new favorite beverage.

The 100% BPA free, durable, dishwasher safe, impact resistant, Tritan material, makes it an ideal water bottle for daily use during work, sports, commute and hobbies.

You’ll love our water infuser bottle because it’s:

- Easy to handle leak proof flip lid top

- Stress free removable infuser carrier for double use (With and without fruit)

- Simple to clean bottle

- Dishwasher friendly

- 20 oz (600ML)- Fits in regular cup holder

- Color : Green

Enjoy the gift of healthy hydration with our water bottle with fruit infuser today!

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