Cabinet Lock, Refrigerator Lock, Toilet Lock & More! Child Safety Locks Offer Multiple Use Adjustable Locks; 3M Adhesive Tape For Easy Installation; Great for Baby Safety 6 Pack

Buy Now at Sale price !!!

$22.00 or with discount !


Cabinet lock, Toilet lock, Refrigerator lock, and more!

It seems like yesterday, your little baby was just sitting there staring back at you and now they are into EVERYTHING! It doesn’t have to be a frustrating or scary time for you; it can still be a fun time for baby to explore (where you want them to!)

Happy Kid Essentials cabinet locks provide peace of mind for you while helping your baby stay safe.

It’s baby proofing time! Our child locks are so simple to install. No drills are needed and they can be installed in minutes. So easy!!!

Keep that little monkey out of anywhere that is off limits for their safety (cabinets) and also frustration places for you (refrigerator)!

To remove the locks: heat the 3M adhesive tape by using a hair dryer on the lowest setting. While heating, lift the adhesive/lock until free.

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