Cuisinart / Paksh Smartstick Immersion Hand Blender, 2 speed • Use as Mixer, Grinder or Chopper • 200 Watt Motor [Brushed Chrome]

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$59.99 or with discount !


Tired of finding pieces in your already blended food? Tired of having gunk stuck to your blender which you just can’t seem to get rid of? Also tired of pouring over hot soup into a container to blend? Try this smart stick immersion blender just once and you”ll get blown away at its high speed .It also has a splash guard that covers the stainless steel blade for a clean experience. Oh, and it really is noiseless unlike similar brands which practically give you a headache! Don’t bother schlepping out your bulky food processor anymore! Just plunk your hand blender directly into the pot and with a simple touch of just one button you’ve got those sharp blade whirlin’, ready to attack your squash, salad dressing, baby food or drink and grind it down to a fine texture smoother than pulp (consistency depends on personal inclination). We won’t at all be surprised to hear that you ditched your standard hand blender for this solid and sturdy hand blender you’ll quickly come to love!

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