Resource for Cooking 16-inch Grill Brush Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Long Handle Tool for Weber, Char-broil, Cast Iron, Electric, Gas, Infrared Outdoor BBQ

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What is the secret of cleaning your grill easily?

Look for a grill brush that will eliminate the following problems:

1. Burn your hands when cleaning because handle’s too short
2. Can’t clean hard-to-reach areas like the sides and corners of the grill
3. Flimsy shaft bends under pressure
4. Wire bristles quickly flatten down and gum up with grease
5. Leave scratch marks on porcelain coated grates

Introducing Resource for Cooking Grill Brush 16 inch: Best on the Market

Custom-designed long handle is comfortable to use. It keeps your hands away from the heat, without losing pressure and control. Innovative 3-sided head of bristles enables you to easily clean all areas of the grate. You can use the grill brush for porcelain coated grills. You can also use the brush for other types of grills.

What’s special about the 3-sided head of spiral bristles?

Most brushes can only be held horizontally as the bristles point in the same direction. With our Brush, you can hold it at any angle and easily clean all parts of the grate.

18-Months Money Back Guarantee

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