Culinary Torch for Kitchen and the Ultimate Cheese Party – Blow Torch for Cooking Sugar for Crème Brulee Melting Cheese Roasting Peppers and more – Premium Kitchen Torch for Food by Essential Etensil

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Looking to take your kitchen presentation skills to the next level? Wish you could make that Chef Inspired dessert and add your professional touch in the comfort of your own home? Our Culinary Torch can help you do just that!

Whether it is for professional or home use, this cooking torch will give you the edge to create your very own work of culinary art. You’ll be the envy of your friends in no time!

Your new secret kitchen gadget can impress your guests by: Caramelizing creme brulees, Browning meringues, Glazing meats, Melting cheeses, Roasting breads, veggies and more!

You’ll even be able to throw your fist annual s’mores and cheese parties! Be sure to send us an invite, we’re always up for a culinary adventure :) Okay, back to the serious stuff…

• Our extended nozzle keeps your hand away from the flame, allowing for safe handling

• Anti-Flare technology and Safety locking mechanism allows Worry-Free and Safety First operation

• Need to sit your torch down? No problem, we’ve built in a mishap protection base to keep your mind at ease

• Made with a durable metal body and several safety controls, our torch was built to last

• Depending on the intensity of your torch’s adjustable flame, burn time can be up to 60 minutes

• Smooth grip coupled with an easy to press ignition button allowing for single handed operation

You’re backed by our Essential Etensil Cooking Torch Guarantee. If you or the Chef in You isn’t happy, let us know.

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Special Notes: Butane Not Included and must be ordered separately. eBook is in digital format.

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