#1 (Original) Super-Strength Push-Pin Magnets For Home & Office [The Ultimate White Board Magnets & Refrigerator Magnets] *50% Stronger Than Leading Brands* + 100% Money Back Guarantee! (48Pcs)

Buy Now at Sale price !!!

$19.99 or with discount !


Don’t suffer another moment of frustration with those weak, unreliable, cheap and flimsy magnets you’ve tried before!

Use these instead! They’re SO STRONG, they can hold 10 pieces of printer paper EACH!

That’s powerful. No other magnet we know of has this much strength to keep your papers in place – even on a refrigerator door that gets opened a hundred times a day!

Kids love these colorful, puncture-solving magnets. (Careful, though: Choking hazard for small children, so keep these up high and out of reach of youngsters.) Our high-quality magnets come in two canister sizes: One with 24 magnets (6 of each color)… or 48 magnets (12 of each color).

These are the most attractive colors you’ve ever seen – almost like little acrylic LED lights! They’ll brighten up any environment – even a dreary office cubicle!

And… if they don’t live up to our claims… don’t worry. Just send them back in the convenient carrying-case, and your money will be instantly refunded.

But we’re betting you’ll fall in love with these magnets, and a team of wild horses couldn’t get them out of your hands and make you send them back. You’ll probably order MORE!

So don’t wait. Solve your “push pin” problems today with these amazingly strong and brightly colored magnetic push pins.

You’ll be “stuck” on them!

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