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KRUPS EA8255001 Espresseria Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with Built-in Conical Burr Grinder, Red

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From the Bean to the Cup at the Touch of a Button

Coffee: every professional Barista will tell you that preparing a good cup of coffee, a perfectly balanced cup of espreeso, or a creamy cappuccino is a real science. And it all starts with the coffee. Did you know that as soon as coffee beans are ground, they lose 40% of their flavors in the following minutes? In its constant quest for perfection, KRUPS decided to introduce its Fully Automatic EA82 Fully Automatic Machine. In just few seconds, you can enjoy a perfect cup of espresso from freshly ground beans. Bring your coffee shop at home and become your own Barista.

KRUPS EA82: Professional Cafe Quality at Home

Passion. Precision. Perfection. Built with these three attributes in mind, our KRUPS EA82 Fully Automatic Machine is one of the most compact units on the market. Designed and Manufactured in France where every single unit is thoroughly tested, KRUPS is providing its best-in-class products to the most demanding consumers. From coffee amateurs to afficionados, the KRUPS EA82 will deliver perfectly balanced cups of espresso thanks to its unique thermoblock system. Because the art of coffee is so difficult to master, KRUPS spent several years observing professional baristas trying to understand their everyday gestures. They then worked to reproduce these gestures at home with only one machine. With its 15 bar pump, hydraulic automated tamping system, and metalic burr grinder, the KRUPS EA82 will enable everyone to prepare perfect shots of espresso. Enjoy a hot cup from the very first brew and prepare an array of different recipes thanks to the intuitive LCD Screen that will guide you through every step of the process.

Some Tips and Recommendations

To make sure your experience with KRUPS fully automatic is the most enjoyable, KRUPS recommends using medium roast beans such as American Roasts, City Roasts, Full City Roasts or Vienna Roasts for the darker ones. Even if heavily used in coffee shops and widely commercialized in the U.S., darker roasts such as French Roasts or Italian roasts would not produce a perfectly balanced taste: the acidity of the coffee will be very diminished and little, if any, of the inherent flavors of the coffee will remain. This is similar to eating “overcooked” food.

Large Bean Hopper
Keeping Coffee Fresh

With its large sealed coffee bean hopper, the KRUPS EA82 will make sure to keep your beans fresh from the very first moment to the minute the last bean is ground.

Conical Burr Grinder
Professional Inspiration

KRUPS EA82 is equipped with a metallical conical grinder that ensures ground coffee will always be consistent in terms of size. In addition, grind coffee size will be adaptable manually. KRUPS recommends the finer setting for the espresso-based preparations and the coarser setting for the coffee. It is then up to your preference.

Exclusive Technology
Unique Patented System

For a first cup from the very first cup, KRUPS has developped its unique patented thermoblock system. Not only this complex technology will help the machine preheats faster, but it will also guarantee a perfect tamping, a perfect temperature and time management for extraction and a hot cup each and every time.

LCD screen
Intuitive and Convenient

By putting consumers first, KRUPS has understood the importance of making a fully automatic machine easy to understand. Thanks to its LCD screen and ergonomic knob, simply navigate through the menu and choose your recipe, number of cups, and much more.

KRUPS accessories
Did You Say Cleaning?

KRUPS exclusive system has been developed to avoid any manual operations in regards to the cleaning of the appliance. Thanks to this patented system, you will never have to clean the heart of the unit and worry about replacing the parts correctly. Additional accessries are available to help you enhance your experience: F088 water filter, XS3000 cleaning tablets, F054 descaling powder and XS9000 liquid cleaner for the steaming wand.

Gourmet Experience at Home
Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Creamy cappuccinos, perfectly balanced espressos, rich coffees, flavored teas or delicious hot chocolate. Enjoy all the hot beverages you can think of thanks to your EA82 Full Automatic Machine. All of the gourmet experiences you can wish for with only one appliance: Yours.

VonShef 15 Bar Pump Espresso Coffee Maker Machine – Create Espressos, Lattes, Cappuccinos & More!

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Designed with the coffee connoisseur in mind, the VonShef 15 Bar Espresso Machine combines professional functionality with sleek good looks.

The VonShef Espresso Machine makes it incredibly easy to whip up a range of delicious drinks including espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, mochas and hot chocolate.

Powerful 15 bar pump pressure forces water steadily through the Espresso Machine, extracting more flavor from coffee and producing a tasty crema for a stronger, full bodied coffee.

Suitable for use with ground coffee or ESE pods.
Supplied with single and double cup filters – no paper filters required – and built to accommodate two espresso cups or one full size cappuccino cup.
Steaming feature with steam control dial and steam wand effortlessly creates perfectly frothed milk, making it even simpler to create authentic barista-style drinks.
Easy to use with dial and button controls and removable transparent 1.5L water tank for convenient refilling and cleaning. Thanks to a removable drip tray, excess water is kept off your kitchen counter and can be disposed of quickly and conveniently.

Comes complete with free coffee measuring scoop.
Dishwasher safe filter. (For top shelf of dishwasher only)
Stylish compact design in black.
Power: 850W

VonShef Premium Stainless Steel 1050W 15 Pump Espresso Coffee Maker Machine With Cup Warming Plate

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Master the art of the perfect coffee with the VonShef Premium 15 Bar Espresso Machine – an essential in the kitchen of any coffee connoisseur.

The VonShef Espresso Machine makes it easy to create a range of delicious drinks including espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and hot chocolate.
So whether you need a super strong coffee to kick start your day, or something a little milder to wind down with, this machine is just the job.

Features highly efficient and powerful 15 bar pump pressure, which forces water steadily through the machine, extracting maximum flavor from coffee and producing a delicious crema.
The result? Authentic, full bodied coffee every time.

Suitable for use with ground coffee or ESE pods.
The Espresso Maker comes with single and double cup filters – no paper filters required – and is built to accommodate two espresso cups or one full sized cappuccino cup.

Equipped with a professional steaming feature with steam control dial and steam wand for fluffy, frothy milk. Large 1.5L transparent water tank offers fuss-free refilling and convenient cleaning.
Thanks to a built in cup warming plate, drinks stay at the perfect temperature.

Removable drip tray keeps mess to a minimum and can be emptied quickly and conveniently.
Handy indicator lights let you know when the machine is powered on and in use.

Comes complete with free coffee measuring scoop/ tamper – measure out your coffee with the scoop then use the flat base to tamp.

Dishwasher safe filter (for dishwasher top shelf only).
Sleek contemporary stainless steel/ black design – an attractive addition to any kitchen.

Power: 1050W

Nespresso Refillable Pods: Sealpod Stainless Steel Reusable Capsule for Nespresso Machines (OriginalLine Compatible) – Patented Design – Starter Pack Includes 1 Capsule, Espresso Lids

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Patented Refillable Nespresso Compatible Capsule System

Do you want to use your own coffee with your Nespresso machine? With Sealpod, you can. Sealpod is a patented reusable capsule system for Nespresso OriginalLine.

Sealpod capsules are slightly shorter than typical Nespresso capsules. This protects your machine. Our espresso lids are aluminum foil, just like your Nespresso machine! This patented design allows pressure to build inside the capsule during brewing.

The result? Great crema with the espresso of your choice!

Compatible with Your Nespresso Machine

Sealpod’s patented design works safely with most OriginalLine Nespresso machines when used as directed. Our refillable capsules have been tested on Citiz, Citiz-Milk, Concept, Essenza, Essenza Krups, Gran Maestria, Inissia, KitchenAid, Latissima+, Latissima, Le Cube, Maestria, Pixie, U, and Umilk.

Easy-to-Use Sticker Lid System

If you drink espresso multiple times daily, you want a refillable pod that’s easy to use. We think you’ll be pleased with Sealpod.

Sealpod comes with capsules, easy-to-use lids, a scoop, and silicone Fresh Covers.

Use the scoop to fill the capsule, tamp the espresso and wipe clean the rim. Apply a Sealpod lid. Then set the capsule in your Nespresso machine and brew! The whole process only takes about 30 seconds.

If you want to fill the capsules to brew later, simply cover the base with a Sealpod Fresh Cover. Your coffee will stay fresh for 14 days!

Cheaper than Disposable Nespresso Pods

For less than a Nespresso variety pack of capsules (50 count) costs, you can have capsules that will last a lifetime. Use your own coffee.

Cuisinart EM-200FR Programmable 15-Bar Espresso Maker (Certified Refurbished), Stainless Steel

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Single or double espresso? The choice is yours, with the Cuisinart Programmable Espresso Maker. Program a single of double espresso, then turn your drink into a luscious cappuccino or latte– just like the pros, The stainless stem nozzle and frothing cup make it easy. Features a cup-warming plate on top, and a removable drip tray and cover for easy cleanup. Professional-quality single of double espresso, cappuccino, and latte- without leaving the house! Professional stainless steel housing with embossed Cuisinart logo. Pre-programmed cup size at 1.5 ounce and 3.0 ounce-with the option to select the serving size you desire. Steam button is a separate function for easy use.

120 Bestpresso Nespresso Compatible Gourmet Coffee Capsules – Variety Pack – Natural Espresso Flavors – Nespresso Pods Alternative – Certified Italian Espresso

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Discover the best coffee on Earth:
BESTPRESSO – Natural, unique and sustainable!

We select only the best coffee beans to bring you an espresso that is 100% natural. Our balanced and delicate grinding process enhances the unique flavors of each one of our capsules; no preservatives, no sugar or flavoring added. We are committed to providing sustainable coffee and supporting small coffee producers so they can make a decent living out of their work. This is our formula to making a Perfect Espresso. Dare to discover it!

Bestpresso 01: RISTRETTO (High Intensity)

Bestpresso 02: INTENSO (High Intensity)

Bestpresso 03: ARABICA (Light Intensity)

Bestpresso 04: ESPRESSO (Medium Intensity)

Bestpresso 05: DECAFFEINATO (Medium Intensity)

Bestpresso 06: LUNGO (High Intensity)

Our packaging technology and quality is consistent with the unique properties of our capsules. Each capsule is made of food industry certified, 100% recyclable plastic material. Also, our capsules have a temperature migration certification, i.e. when the material is in contact with hot water, it does not lose its properties or leave any particles that could alter flavor.

Classic 6 Cup Capacity Stovetop Italian Moka Espresso Maker. Best Polished Aluminium Pot for Camping or Outdoor Gifts with Permanent Filter, Heat Resistant Handle & Large Water Pot. Ideal to Brew Coffee in Your Home Kitchen and Serve in Your Mug

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“Ready To Wake Up To The Smell Of Fresh Coffee In The Morning? Want To Kick Start Your Days? This Is Your Best Bet, Don’t Wait & Regret It Later!”

-The Most Robust Espresso Maker On Amazon, Others Don’t Compare. You deserve that wafting aroma of coffee in the morning!-

Want your morning kickstart, lunch time pick up, or evening relaxing coffee to be made with ease? With this coffee pot, you’ll be completely satisfied & Ready for your consumption in minutes and madefrom strong Aluminium! This is your best value. You’ll wonder how you got along without it.

-How Much Is Your Time Worth? Love This Custom Coffee Pot Or You Don’t Pay!-

What are you waiting for? Don’t feel guilty about this purchase; time is moving by. If you’ve tried other products (even other coffee pots) but weren’t happy…you NEED to give ours a try!

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE BUYING A COFFEE POT ONLINE OR IN A STORE… Coffee Pots are not all the same. Don’t buy it based on price alone! Cheap Pots aren’t nearly as robust and strong as ours, won’t heat your water like ours, and won’t produce the same coffee ours will. You get what you pay for and ours is guaranteed for a reason.

Simply Click “Add to Cart” to fill your morning with the aroma we all love and enjoy to kick start your morning or pick you up during the day…100% Risk Free!

From the manufacturer: We cannot always accurately predict the stock of our Coffee Pots. If you see the 6 cup “In Stock” above, place your order to claim yours before they’re sold out again.

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel

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Consumers Best Buy! The Gaggia Classic is one of our best sellers for several reasons. Commercial grade quality: Rugged construction of heavy duty materials for longevity. High performance: Forged brass components to stabilize temperature with a three-way solenoid valve and independent expansion valve. Gaggia is in the process of rolling out a new Turbo-Frother wand replacing the metal frothing wand and sleeve. The Gaggia Classic turns anyone into a “Barista” in their own home. Includes two stainless steel filter baskets (single and double shot), coffee tamper and 7g measuring scoop