Priority Chef Knife Sharpener, 2 Stage Knife Sharpening System, Black

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Make Your Kitchen A Safer Place With The Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

Did you know that many accidents that happen in the kitchen are a result of dull, blunt knives? Using too much force to cut can make you lose control of your knife and results in cuts.

A sharp knife gives you greater control and provides a safer cooking environment and also makes preparing meals quicker and easier!

Introducing The Priority Chef Knife Sharpener – For the sharpest blade

Our specially designed sharpener creates a sharper finish than most of the other models available. While traditional sharpeners create a ‘V’ shape finish, this Priority Chef sharpener creates a curved V shape resulting in a sharper point – check out the images above.

– Ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip

– Soft, cushioned non slip base

– Can be used for left and right handed use

– Slot 1 is made premium tungsten carbide and will shape the blade in preparation for the next stage

– Slot 2 is two ceramic wheels that will fine and hone your knife to the concave point giving a super sharp edge

Experience new sharpness to your blades that you may never have thought possible.

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Wooden Spoon Set – 6 Bamboo Wooden Spoons and Spatula 12 inch Cooking Utensils in Mesh Bag – Bamboo Wood Kitchen Tools by Premium Bamboo

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6 Durable and Long Lasting Bamboo Wooden Utensils

Guaranteed to last a lifetime – bamboo wooden spoons and spatulas in one package

- 6 PIECE PREMIUM BAMBOO KITCHEN TOOLS are strong and safe to use, giving you peace of mind that they will last long and are
guaranteed to keep your family safe from bacteria.

- EASY TO HOLD: Comfortable handles make these utensils easy to work with. Bamboo is light yet extremely strong and durable.
These utensils are easy to care for and look great in any kitchen. Each spoon and spatula measuring 11.8″.

- Slotted Spoon
- Bamboo Wooden Spoon
- Single Hole Mixing Spoon
- Rounded Fork
- Turner Spatula
- Slotted Spatula

What Sets Premium Bamboo Spoons Apart From The Rest?

- This wooden spoon set is eco-friendly and biodegradable

- Very light yet extremely durable thanks to bamboo’s natural benefits

- Will not scratch non-stick surfaces

- Will not get hot and they are safe to use on hot surfaces

- Less porous, there are fewer spaces for the bacteria to get trapped unlike regular wood

- Cleans easily, just wash by hand with soap and water, and let them dry

- FSC and FDA Approved

- Antimicrobial, Natural, and Laquer Free

What is your risk?

Nothing. If you are not happy with our product we will refund 100% of your money.
Our products are always backed by 100% Money Back No Question Asked Guarantee!

Get this beautiful set today. You will not regret investing in high quality bamboo for your kitchen.
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Smart Digital Meat Thermometer -Ultra Fast – 5 Cooking Programs-Beeps When Meat Ready

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Tired of Serving Uncooked Or Overcooked Meat?

If you’ve ever felt the embarrassment and frustration of disappointing your family and friends with steaks or burgers that are undercooked or overcooked?! This could be the most important tool you’ll ever own!

Here are 5 Ways the Home-Complete Instant Read Ultra-Fast Digital Fork Thermometer Will Turn You Into a Grill Hero:

1. You get perfectly grilled meat every time! (An audible alarm beeps when your meat is perfect, so you don’t have to worry about what temperature to cook the meat to.)

2. Large LCD screen! (Temperatures display in Fahrenheit or Celsius on a large, easy-to-read LCD screen.)

3. Ultra Fast-Instant Read Meat Thermometer (Just poke the dual fork tines in the meat. The temperature displays in 8 – 10 seconds.)

4. Clean up is quick and easy! (Just wipe the stainless steel tines down with a paper towel and you’re done!)

5. Backed by a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ! (Order yours now because you literally RISK NOTHING!)

Order your own Home-Complete Digital Meat Thermometers today. Use it at your grill to effortlessly prepare the tastiest dishes your family has ever feasted on.

Imagine the pride you’ll feel when you hear your family and friends rave about your BBQ … picture their smiling, satisfied faces after you serve them the perfect steak or burger.

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Cooking Savior(TM) – Spiral Slicer – Vegetable Spiralizer – Zucchini Spaghetti Maker

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Are you tired of cutting vegetables? Try the new spiral slicer and cutting vegetables will be a breeze

The best spiral slicer to cut your vegetables

– Highest quality materials

- Blades won’t fall off and won’t break

- Easily slices hard vegetables such as carrots

- The cap strongly hold the vegetable for good grip and safety

- Cuts almost the entire vegetable

- Excellent customer service

Main Benefit/Feature

– Premium stainless steel Japanese blades for the sharpest and quickest slice

- Molded from high-quality ABS plastic for a lightweight feel

- Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

- Cleaning brush is included with the product

- Free Recipes with healthy and easy recipes

- The Paleo Lifestyle guide

Lifetime Guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your purchase we will replace your product

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The Best Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ Glove Set – Great for Use in Kitchen Handling All High Temperature Food – Use As Potholder – Protective Oven, Grill, Baking, Smoking and Cooking Gloves – 10 Fingers Easier to Handle Hot Food Than Mitts! The Original Gecko Grip Gloves!

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The Secret to Safer Cooking and Grilling

Tired of burning your fingers when you cook and grill? Have you purchased other cooking gloves that become too slippery to hold food? Or get wet inside and lose their heat retardant qualities or worse, get wet on the outside and scald your hands?

The Gecko Gloves provide two handed protection against burns, are water proof even in boiling water, protect up to 425 degrees and unlike other gloves the Gecko Gloves retain their grip due to the textured surface.

Silicone has proven to be the most versatile and safe material for use in food handling, cooking and grilling accessories!

Stop Burning your hands! The Gecko Glove five fingered set of two gloves allows you to handle entire whole chickens, hams, turkeys and roasts during and after cooking, stop dropping food from the point of your meat forks and prongs! Gecko Gloves replace your cloth oven mitts that aren’t water proof and never look clean after the first wash. Simply wash the Gecko Gloves with your dishes or in your dishwasher! They retain their vivid color and never lose their shape!

Satisfaction guaranteed upon receipt or your Money back!

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Rugged Grill Brush 18″ – NEW PRODUCT, JUST RELEASED – Innovative, Industrial Strength BBQ Grill Brush – Best Value on Amazon – Large 6″ x 3″ Stainless Steel Bristle Surface – Cleaner Grill with Less Work Because of the Grill Brush’s Long Handle and Angled Leverage – Compare to Weber Grill Brush – 30 Day 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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Most bbq grill brushes . . .

– Have short, flimsy handles

– Lose bristles that could end up in your food

– Can’t be cleaned easily and accumulate grease

– Wear out too quickly

– Scratch your delicate grill grates

– Are just plain ugly

These problems can be avoided . . . .

The Rugged Grill Brush is Innovative, Durable, and it’s the Best Value on Amazon

– Attractive and efficient design

– Less scrubbing with 3 times the cleaning surface

– Spirals run with grill grates for maximum effectiveness and less wear on your grill and the brush

Why is the Rugged Grill Brush better?

– Woven wire design minimizes loosening of bristles – much safer than traditional brushes because bristles are less likely to end up in your food

– Thickly woven stainless steel bristles won’t flatten like brass

– Long handle so you can use both hands for maximum LEVERAGE without burning yourself

– Spiraled bristles clean every nook and cranny of your grill

– Safe for Weber Grills and porcelain coated grill grates

– Designed in the U.S.A.

Buy today, because you will receive a FULL 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your Rugged Barbecue Grill Brush for any reason, return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

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Crock-Pot 32041-C 16-Ounce Little Dipper, Chrome

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Crock-Pot 16-Ounce Little Dipper Warmer

Crock-Pot 32041-C 16-Ounce Little Dipper
16-ounce warmer keeps dips and fondues warm and ready to serve.
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The perfect side kick for parties or entertaining at home, this 16-ounce Little Dipper warmer by Crock-Pot makes it easy to keep any favorite dip or fondue warm and ready to serve. Use it for anything from creamy spinach dip or cheesy fiesta dip to hot artichoke dip. It can also be used to warm maple syrup for pancakes or waffles or to melt chocolate for dipping fruit, cookies, and pretzels.

Easy to Use

To use, simply fill the stoneware with the desired ingredients or a pre-made dip and cover. The stoneware will hold up to about 1-1/2 cups (be careful not to overfill). Then plug in the unit and heat contents for approximately 30 to 60 minutes or until the dip is hot or completely melted. Be sure to stir the dip occasionally while melting or heating, and remove the cover before serving. The Little Dipper warmer will keep the dip at the perfect serving temperature for three to four hours.

Crock-Pot 32041-C 16-Ounce Little Dipper
Secure-fitting lid with easy-grip knob helps
trap in heat and moisture.
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Perfect for Parties

Whether gathering for game day or poker night with friends, the Little Dipper warmer eliminates all those trips back and forth to the kitchen to reheat dips and sauces, allowing for more time to visit with friends, root on the home team, or to put together that winning poker hand.

Stainless-Steel Finish

With its attractive stainless-steel finish, the Little Dipper measures 7 inches in diameter by 5 inches high and carries a three-year extended warranty. Allow the unit to cool down before cleaning–the Little Dipper warmer and its lid clean easily with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. A user manual with delicious recipe ideas comes included.

What’s in the Box

16-ounce Little Dipper warmer with lid, user manual with recipes

BBQ Set – Silicone BBQ Gloves (1 Pair) Plus Meat Handlers (1 Pair) * BBQ Gift Set Includes 2 Premium Products a Pair of Caveman Meat Claws and a Pair of Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves

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BBQ Set includes a set of 2 Meat Claws (Meat Shredders) plus a pair of Silicone BBQ Gloves

Meat Claws (Meat Handlers, Meat Shredders )

Spend less time shredding and more time enjoying barbecues with your friends. Shred pulled pork, chicken and beef in seconds with these sharp and versatile BBQ meat claws. Sturdy durable claws allow you to lift, carve and shred with ease. Top shelf dishwasher safe. Heat resistant, FDA-approved, food grade plastic won’t warp or bend under the weight of your meat. The claws stay cool to your hand even in the hot meat.

Securely lift and move hot meat without getting burned. Lift a whole turkey with the meat claws. Meat handlers hold meat in place while slicing. Not just for meat, use them to toss salad pasta, shred cabbage, firmly hold vegetables and fruits while slicing.

Silicone BBQ Gloves

Non-slip grip BBQ gloves keep your hands safe from the grill, oven pans or hot meat. Heat resistant to 425F cooking gloves allow you to hold on to hot surfaces longer than traditional oven mitts. Silicone cooking gloves give you two handed sure grip. Won’t slip like a regular mitt. One size fits most hands. The cooking gloves are dishwasher safe and messy foods wash right off.

Heat resistant cooking gloves perfect for grilling, baking and handling hot stuff in the kitchen. The knobby silicone BBQ gloves have multiple uses remove items from hot water, open jars, use for smoking, camping, grilling, BBQ and canning. BPA Free FDA approved waterproof silicone material prevents burns from hot spills even allows you to pick up food from hot water.

Buy multiple sets for family and friends. Isn’t it time you treated yourself? You will wonder how you ever got along without them.

Makes a wonderful BBQ gift set for anyone who cooks or works around the kitchen. Perfect for a man cave or for the person who has everything. Proudly made by L & B Products

Healthy Cooking Products Silicone Baking Mat Non-Stick Sheet 16 1/2×11 5/8 white with red border

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The silicone half size baking mats are ideal for use with half-sized aluminum sheet pan. This mat gives your sheet pan a non-stick surface for delicate or messy baking projects. Produced using FDA (USA) and LFGB (Europe) approved materials, these are oven, microwave, and freezer safe and the silicone mats can also be used on the countertop for all types of dough. Mats clean up quickly and easily with soap and water and allow to air dry. Mats are also dishwasher approved for top rack only. The mats will not absorb food orders or flavors and are perfect for the avid baker or the seasonal holiday cook. No cooking sprays, oils or parchment paper needed, helping you save both calories and money. These will quickly become your new favorite kitchen must have item. These are not to be used as a cutting surface. Sharp objects will damage the mats. Please use in conjunction with standard baking sheet pans; place silicone baking mat inside the baking sheet and then place food/cookie dough on the top of the silicone mat for either oven or freezer use. Mats are all BPA and BPP free. CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON ***Go to top of screen and Add to cart and ORDER NOW !